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Get Comics 101 and What is the Post-Modern Age of Comics?

This information will announce that comic book publishing has entered a new era, and the former – now known as the “Modern Era” will be reclassified as something else (the candidate most likely to become Platinum or Iron Age). However, since that time it has not been labeled, the only thing we can call accurately today is the publication of the “Post-Modern” comic era.┬áIn the Golden Age of comic books, any adventure in an issue will last more than 8 pages or more, and most of the titles are anthologies featuring some characters in short adventures. In the Silver Age, many titles have 12-16 lead pages and pages 6-8 back up. In the Bronze Age, most comic books feature only one character or concept, often in short stories of two or three sections, with subplots that may last a year or longer. read more »