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Stories and A Close View on Japanese Culture

This news is becoming a trend with the introduction of talented writers such as Alan Moore, Craig Thompson and Neil Gaiman. In Japan, Manga is read and enjoyed by all age groups, from school to children to capable adults. Basically Manga can be associated with animated films and like Manga movies also present in various topics such as drama, romance, horror, mystery, science fiction, sports, comedy, fantasy and action films.¬†Over the years, Manga has created its own space in the American market. Manga existed for a long time but only in the past one or two decades has gained so much popularity. The first one introduced to America is known as the “Four Immigrants” and the Manga is drawn by Yoshitaka Kiyama, a Japanese student. Manga’s more popular collections include The Legend of Kamui, Mai the Psychic Girl, Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z. read more »