Meet the True Fashion Icons of Japan

Japanese teenage girls who gather on the narrow streets of ‘Takeshita’ every weekend and dress like a Lolita-esque caricature baby doll. A large number of fashion styles, including cyberspace mode, Gothic Helpers, Wamono, Gothic Lolita, Second Hand Fashion, and Decorah, can be noticed among these young women.¬†They can often be seen wearing dark clothes combined with traditional Japanese clothing, such as Kimono and his fans. Some of them also wear fake bandages and blood and carry items, such as cell phones, halo kitties, and photo stickers, which symbolize modern Japan. The varied fashion style of these girls is beautifully displayed by ‘FRUiTS’, the most popular street-fashion magazine in Japan.

Their purpose

Why are these Harajuku girls wearing such outrageous clothes every weekend? Is their love for fashion that drives them to do it? The answer is no ‘. There are many deeper reasons behind it. The weekly ceremony that lasted only for a few hours allowed them to not only spend their free time and money, but also to momentarily escape the strict rules of male-dominated Japanese society. Outrageous dress style really symbolizes women’s gender oppression and their efforts to seek their individuality and freedom to express it.

Their nature

They compete with each other to appear more iconic and less human! These rugged teenagers perform no less than the characters of the Japanese Anime series or Manga comic books. However, these girls are very fun loving, polite, and beautiful. They want to pose for photos with you if you ask them to have fun.

In short, Harajuku district is a must-visit place on weekends for everyone visiting Tokyo. If you really want to see a unique blend of tradition and modernization of Japanese society, surely you do not miss the opportunity to meet this beautiful fashion icon and Japanese beauty star.

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