How Do I Buy a Japanese Rare Pokemon Card and How Much Does it Cost

This is all because collecting Japanese Pokemon cards has been popular for over 10 years now, the number of cards in the thousands. Getting some common cards is quite easy as there are many sites that sell cards. But, what about the rare Pokemon cards. Some cards are like buying gold blocks. There are symbols on most cards that show how rare they are. For example in the majority there is a small black symbol of the star, diamond or circle. Stars are the rarest and circles are the most common. In the older Japanese set there are also cards with the same symbol but are white and this is harder to find because of his age. Three start showing ultra rare cards that are usually entered randomly into a booster pack. There are also promotional cards, or promo cards as they often call it. These cards are not sold in stores and are released for special occasions such as movie releases, magazines, events and tournaments and so on.

Over the years there have been nearly 30 different Japanese Pokemon sets released. They started in 1996 with a base set. It has one hundred and two cards and is the first complete series ever produced. It contains many original Pokemon and also original energy card.

No one knows exactly the highest price that pokemon cards have, as most transactions happen behind closed doors. The card with the highest price I can remember is the Pokemon Pikachu Illustrator Japan card. It was sold on eBay for $ 22,000 a few years ago.

Card prices are highly dependent on card conditions. The better the condition, the more money it will carry. If you get your card professionally appraised, it will drive even more value, even though it’s a bit expensive to have the cards assessed. Another factor is how many cards are produced, what kind of cards it is (tournaments, promo cards, etc.) And of course the most important thing is how many people really want to buy it.

This article was written by Tony Tanaka who is the author of several Pokemon blogs and has extensive knowledge of Japanese Pokemon items. To find the best collection of Pokemon Japan promo cards [] and plush toy Pokemon [] see this great site for very rare. Goods with good price

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